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Thread: Chowdren - Blazingly fast Fusion ports for desktop, consoles and mobile

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    This is really cool! Great job, Mathias.
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    This is absolutely amazing! Great job Mathias!
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    This should be built into mmf, have it as an export option!
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    Wow, I'm so happy to see this! I hope to be able to use it someday .

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    Can't wait to try this out!
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    It's super excellent and Knytt Underground runs beautifully in it, even with a major performance gain.

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    I know this is abit sudden, but i want to present Chowdren i a meeting i have tomorrow morning.
    Can someone pleace explain to me, step by step, how to convert a simple MMF2 App intpo C++ code?
    I would appreciate it very much
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    Are Basic Objects like: Active, Backdrop, Coutner, Ini, Lives, Q&A, Quick Backdrop, Score, String and Sub-App also included?
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    I doubt a lot of those are. Lives, Q&A, and Score are objects that shouldn't exist at all because they are too specific and limited, and for mysterious reasons linked to some arbitrary player objects that there can be four of max. I hope they are not supported simply to teach people better habits. MMF needs to be much more neutral to what kind of game we wish to create in it. Sub-App is an incredibly complicated and difficult feature to support, especially in contrast to how little it can actually do. Just object hierarchies would be much better.

    As Chowdren is open source, anyone can contribute though and add code to support for more features - given that the code is nice enough for Mathias to add it to project at github.
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    I disagree Nifflas, porting is not the same as upgrading, you have to take the good with the bad, and be consistent. It sucks to have bad choice of objects and dodgy ways of doing things, but advice should provide better alternatives, not exporter incompatibility.

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